How to Use Google Translate in 2020 with all-new Tips and Tricks

Technology has evolved extensively over the past few decades which has led to the development of mind-blowing software and applications. In this guide, we will talk about one of the top apps of Artificial Intelligence: Google Translate.

We will walk through its latest release to its mobile and web version and take a look at some new tips and tricks in 2020.

So, stay tuned!

The industry is becoming more machine-dependent rather than involving human work. Revolutionization of the industry under the banner of modernization has promoted the field of Artificial Intelligence as a key change to our experience with technology.

Machine Learning modules along with Neural Intelligence has done wonders for us. One of the commonly used AI software is Google Translator, and today we will be looking at how to use it.

Google Translate: An Introduction

Google Translate is the bridge of communication between people speaking different languages. It has a vast and deep algorithm implemented to translate with the highest possible accuracy.

It has many features that enable it to be widely used in many applications. With the thousands of languages available, it lets you cover most of the regions in the world.

The Google Translate, one of its kind, is deemed to be the pioneer AI software with deep neural networks for precise words translation. Over the years millions of people translated with Google using this application.

Modes of Translation

There are various modes of using Google Translate.

  • text-to-text translation
  • Audio Google Translate Feature
  • Translation of emails in Gmail
  • Many other applications with integrated Google Translator, like websites

Setting up Google Translate

In this guide, all the steps will be shown from the start till the end showing the ways to set up and then use the Google Translate service.

If you want to use google translation smoothly without any hassle follow the steps and you’ll eventually get the complete know-how of how best to use it.

Full Setup for Android and Apple

These are the steps to download and configure Google Translate on your Android and iPhone devices.

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1. Download the App from the Play Store

Go to Play Store and search for ‘google translate’. You will see a lot of applications. Chose the one developed by Google LLC (the logo below is shown for reference). Then click on the download button and let it install in your device.

the google translate

2. Open the Google Translate application

Next, you open the application. As long as it is the first time you are using the application; this screen will popping on your mobile.

the google translate

You can either let it work online only or dually with offline functionalities as well. You can check or uncheck the box. Although to get the maximum result, keep the box checked.

3. Set up your primary language

It will give an option to select your primary language. This is the language from which you will mostly translate to and from other languages. By default, it is English. You can change it or keep it.

Select the language you are most familiar with. However, if you are looking to learn a second language more actively, then selecting that could be a challenging but rewarding learning experience.

4. Set up a secondary language

This is the language for which you want the translation most often. For instance, if your main language is English and you are currently in Spain, then you should set Spanish as the secondary language.

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5. Detecting the Language (optional step)

This is also an amazing feature that actually doesn’t translate anything but detects the language in which the text is written. To access this, click on the first language and then select ‘detect language’ from there. This will convert the main page to this:

the google translate

Now enter any text it will return the language from which it is translated. We have shown by entering “Hola”.

Again there are various options available. You can use the camera for some written text, or even use the microphone to detect a spoken language.

the google translate

Main Page

Now after you have clicked finished, it will take you to the main page, which has shortcuts to most of the tools used available. The main page looks like this.

the google translate

It shows the language from which you are translating, and the language to which you are translating to. By default, it says English into Spanish Translation. We can change any of the languages (this will be shown in the next steps).

It has a well-labeled text box to enter the text in English that will be translated into Spanish. If you click on the “Enter Text” place, you will redirect to this activity.

the google translate

Now as you enter any word letter by letter, it will be translated letter by letter from English into Spanish. Now one of the features we can see that it doesn’t only show the translation of the word but also suggests phrases originating from that word. All this is achieved by the use of AI.

the google translate

Features of Google Translate

Some top features of the Google translate are:

  1. Translate using Camera of your Phone
    • Instant translation
    • Scan the highlighted text from the image
    • Import pictures from gallery
  2. Handwrite the text
  3. Converse with Google translate
  4. Translate text from other apps
  5. Audio Google Translate
  6. Save history in Google Translate
  7. Star history items onto the Phrasebook

1. Translate using Camera of your Phone

There is a camera option right in front of the page.

If we click/tap it, first it will show a guide on how to use it, and eventually lead to the camera by asking permission to use the camera. There are three modes of translation available with the camera.

Instant Translation

What it does it, it selects the text from pictures in English and converts it into Spanish. The translation appears on the screen exactly in the place of text. This is a demonstration of translating “My name” in Spanish.

the google translate

Scan Translation

It is actually done for the whole page. We scan a page, then this screen appears to ask which text to be translated.

the google translate

Select all text and boom, all those parts of the text are now translated on the top of the page. Click on the ‘Next’ button and the proper translation will be presented there.

the google translate

Import Pictures

This is yet another feature that allows us to select any text picture from the gallery and then translate the text on it from English into Spanish.

Changing the languages

Now let us change the language. Say we need German Translation of Google results. So, do not change the language from which we want to translate rather the language into which we want to translate. Click on the drop-down on the “Spanish” language bar and you will see this list. German Translation Google translate is an amazing tool to learn german.

Scroll down until you reach the German language. Download the offline German dictionary for German Translation of Google Translator.

Now the languages are changed and you are translating English to German instead of English into Spanish translation.

2. Hand-Writing the text

This is kind of a bonus feature that if you don’t want to type or don’t know how to type in that language, you can just draw or write the word with your finger as pencil tool like in Paint 3D. Click on the Hand-writing icon and you will see this page.

Now write any word, it will be translated to German. Let us say we typed hello so it will be translated to its German counterpart.

3. Converse with Google Translate

This one is a pretty exciting feature of Google Translator. If you are at a place where everyone is a stranger; let’s say in a foreign country and you want to communicate with them, you can use this feature. As you click on it, you will see the page as shown below.

Say that you speak English and the other person speaks German. There are three different mics on the screen.

Clicking on English one will listen for all the words in English while the German one will listen to all the words in German and translate them. The auto mic listens for both. Say we say something in English, it ends up on the screen translated like this.

By alternate calls, you can build an entire conversation with someone who is a total stranger. HOW AMAZING!

4. Translate text from other Apps

This is a unique feature that allows you to translate any piece of text while you are not using this application. That’s helpful if you are using, for example, Facebook and are unable to comprehend something, you can still use it.

For this, you have to let this app display over other applications you use. If you click on “Tap to translate”, you will see it asking for permission for displaying over other apps.

Once you turn that own it will show german translation Google result for the selected text.

5. Audio Google Translate

This is a feature just like the conversation one but it translates sentences from a specific language to other only. We can say it is similar to text-to-text translation with voice involved.

Nonetheless, audio Google Translate is a unique feature and in our case will help in German translation google. After we click on the mic button it will take us to this page.

Anything we speak will appear in German translation. If we say “We are a great company”, it will appear on screen like this with the help of the ‘audio google translate’ feature.

We can start a conversation from this audio section. Additionally, we can ‘star’ it for any further use down the road. This will maintain a list of favorites.

6. Save history in Google Translate

All the items of the history are stored at the bottom of the page. We can ‘star’ any of our previous translation so that we can use them for any purpose in the future.

This is also a fantastic feature because if we need to use any phrase over and over it can be picked from history easily.

7. Star history items onto the Phrasebook

Phrasebook is the portion of history items that have been starred by us. They are distinguished from random history and placed in special inventory.


A quick outlook at the settings of the app shows some features that can be modified here.

Like you can change the speed of the audio, your region and can limit the usage of data by the application. Further, we can disallow the application to use the camera on the phone. Here are some of the other settings:

  • Blocking of offensive words
  • Permissions allotted to app
  • Change of region
  • Data usage

Full Guide for Desktop usage

Follow all these steps to use Google Translate on your chrome or desktop. The following guide is for the Google Chrome browser, however, the extension is available for other browsers as well.

Chrome store

First, search for Chrome store on your browser and then open the second link in the search. You will see the complete interface of the website, search for “Google translate” on the search bar. From the results, look for the one with this logo and then click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

the google translate

After you have clicked on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button, you will see an alert box asking to confirm the addition of the extension. Click add extension.

The Google Translate extension will be added to the navbar of your Chrome browser.

the google translate

Using the extension

Now as the extension is added on the Chrome browser, click it and it will show you two options. One will be to translate the whole page while the other is the textbox to enter the specific words or sentences.

the google translate

Now as you click on the translate button, it will redirect you to Google Translate’s main domain like this:

the google translate

The ‘how’ of using all these features has already been explained in the Android section.

Final words on Google Translate

Google Translate is no doubt a wonderful use of technology for the benefit of people. The way technology is optimized using AI to create human-friendly software is just amazing.

In short, Google Translate is a wonderful software for daily use and also comes handy in unknown surroundings for communication!

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