Scientists demonstrated conditions during the origin of the first cell

Two scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen(UDE) have done a series of scientific experiments to find out about the genesis details of the very first cell.

For thousands of years, mankind has scratched their heads in trying to find how did life begin on earth. Many geologists, scientists, and physicists have come up with various theories regarding this. Albeit no satisfactory answer has yet been proposed.

However, Ulrich Schreiber and Christian Mayer from UDE proposed a theory that life may have formed within the cracks and cavities of the early earth. This theory is backed by a series of laboratory experiments that show remarkable findings. The experiments include recreating the real-world conditions to discover the underlying characteristics behind how life began.

Laboratory Experiments

During the laboratory experiments, they created and disintegrated 1500 vesicles within two weeks. A vesicle is a small bubble-shaped structure enclosed by a membrane, similar to that of a biological cell.

The researchers discovered that some vesicles survived the biochemical simulations during the experiment. The reason is that the surviving vesicles absorbed the protein structure of the destroyed vesicles. “as a survival strategy”, remarked by Mayer. This simulation has shown a way of the preliminary stage of life on the early earth, claimed by the researchers.

Supposedly, these conditions and situations happened deep in the earth’s crust almost 3.8 billion years ago. Mayer and Schreiber have claimed that over time these eruptions finally made it to the surface of the earth. Moreover, many other functions happened simultaneously that resulted in the generation of the first cell.

“As we have simulated in time-lapse, billions of years ago, such vesicles might have become stable enough to come to the surface during geyser eruptions. We suspect that this type of molecular evolution in depth took place parallel to other mechanisms or temporally displaced from them.”

The book, containing all the details mentioned in this post, will be published in July 2020.

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