Samsung Odyssey G7 monitors, the screen that’s optimized for gaming

Samsung has just released its latest series of Odyssey G7 monitors. The series is comprised of a 27 inch and 32 inch Odyssey G7 monitor. Going all out on these monitors to make your gaming experience that much better.

The features:

Reduced eye strain

The main feature that makes it so appealing to consumers is the amount of stress the monitors reduce on the eyes.

With the Samsung Odyssey G7 monitors, you receive consistent brightness, contrast range, and color coordination from the center to each edge of the monitor. This drastically reduces the stress felt by the eyes.

Additionally, even the Company has promised:

“Even after partaking in a gaming session that runs late into the night, users’ eyes are sure to remain unstressed”


Fully adjustable

Moreover, the screen also has the bonus of being fully customizable. The user can adjust the monitor’s height to any setting which they are comfortable with using the monitor’s stand.

The slim stand also reduces the clutter on your desktop and is an ideal choice for when you would want to move your mouse a lot during intense gaming sessions.

If you accidentally bump into your screen or move so much that the screen slips from its position, fret not. The screen comes fully equipped with a built-in soft blue led light, which emits a soft glow whenever the screen is moved. Immediately notifying you of the change.

High response time

If you’re a hardcore gamer, then you already know how important response times can be. Even a second of delay can be the difference between your demise or your chicken dinner.

The Samsung Odysseys G7 monitors’ response time of 1 ms(GTG) allows for the instantaneous application of mouse commands.

This, coupled with a refresh rate of an amazing 240 HZ, ensures you’re movements and actions are in sync with the monitor.

“Any player is sure to feel like an expert gamer when using the Odyssey G7 monitor thanks to its smooth game performance and fast response time, even during action-heavy gameplay scenarios,”


Total immersion

Finally, of course, let’s talk about the immersion this bad boy brings to the table.

The monitor is one of the few screens out right now that makes use of the QLED curve technology. More than that, the monitors are one of the few to make use of a maximum of 1000R.

This just means, that if you look at the center of the screen, the field of view will always remain constant. Giving you the full gaming experience you’ll want.

So this was the new Samsung Odyssey G7 monitors. An amazing piece of technology that pretty much ensures that you have the best gaming experience you can have.

With a landslide of features and full customizability, we’re sure you won’t regret giving this monitor a chance.

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