Minecraft Dungeons: The Perfect way to spend the lockdown

Mojang seems to have a knack for making games that become beloved by all who play them. They are the studio responsible for creating the behemoth of a game, Minecraft. But it seems that’s not all they have up their sleeves.

Yes, folks, it’s finally happened. Mojang has officially released, their new game Minecraft Dungeons. Already establishing itself a new hit in the Gaming Community.

About the Game

Don’t Be fooled by the name, however, Minecraft Dungeons is nothing like its predecessor. If we’re talking about gameplay, Dungeon shares no similarity with the OG Minecraft.

Minecraft is a survival/creative game, where players have a lot of freedom to do whatever they want. They collect different types of blocks by mining, digging, etc. They then use them to build, craft, or even customize their bases.

The beauty of Minecraft is the creativity it brings to people. That being said, however, there is a reason Dungeon is doing so well in the market right now.

Minecraft Dungeons, as the name would suggest, is more of a dungeon-exploring game. You go on adventures, get loot, get stronger, and repeat. It’s a formula that’s proven very successful over the years for many game developers.

Not to take anything away from Mojang Studio’s however, that have done their very best to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

The game is filled with beautiful graphics and sceneries, challenging boss fights, a great loot system, and most importantly the multiplayer option. Making it a no-brainer must-buy for the people this lock-down.

Why it works

You see, this whole cycle of exploring, looting, getting stronger, and repeating is a very appealing one. Players play through hours before they even notice they’re in this cycle. This is especially true for co-op.

And this is a cycle is what Minecraft Dungeons does well. And with time barely passing by in the lockdown, Mojang has established a new stream of customers for itself.

Even Minecraft Dungeon’s Executive Producer, David Nisshagen has said :

“I won’t say that it’s a good thing that we have the Covid-19 situation right now. But I do think that the timing for the game is good. This is something that can help families have a fun time together,”

David Nisshagen

And this, of course, is completely true, the game has already been streamed by a large number of notable personalities. This includes people like Popular Youtubers PewDiePiew and JackscepticEye.

Even CNN has live-streamed their playthrough on their Network!

Whatever the case me be for you, we hope that you take a little time off for yourself in these trying times, and play this superb game for yourself.

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