Magnetic field may have hindered growth of our Galaxy during inception

When the universe was created some 13 billion years ago, our galaxy was among some of the first ones to be formed. Recent research has shown that if not for the strong magnetic field of the universe, our galaxy would have been 30% bigger than it already is!

Simulation by Astrophysicists

Sergio Martin-Alvarez and his other three colleagues have been working on the primordial magnetic waves. For this purpose, they have simulated how these magnetic fields have affected the size of galaxies in the universe.

According to researchers, magnetic waves do play a vital role in the formation and evolution of galaxies.

In order to understand the link between these primordial magnetic waves and the evolution of galaxies, this team of astrophysicists came up with a simulation.

Moreover, the basic play of this model is that they varied the magnetic field strength, to observe its effect on the morphology of the galaxy.

Result of the Research

During the simulations, it was found out that primordial magnetic waves in fact delay the creation of stars. Consequently, it also slows down the rotational support of the galaxy. This results in reduced size of the galactic disk. In simpler words, a stunted galaxy is formed.

This shows that when the universe was forming more than 13 billion years ago, the effect of these mighty magnetic fields has been the cause of relatively smaller galactic sizes.

Size of Milky Way

The current size of our galaxy is approximately 100,000 light-years. To put it in perspective, if you travel with the speed of light, (which is the fastest speed ever recorded) and keep on traveling for 100,000 years, you will be able to reach the end of our galaxy, the Milky Way! Whoa!

Milky Way galaxy as seen from the Earth

Now coming onto the recent research! Allegedly, the magnetic waves have constrained the growth of our galaxy by almost 30%. That means that in the absence or lack of these magnetic waves, our galaxy would be a whopping 130,000 light-years in size! That’s huge!

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