Google – Apple contact tracing API is taking shape in various countries

Switzerland, Italy, and Latvia in Europe have already taken use of the contact tracing technology. Austria, Singapore, and Australia are also considering adopting the Google-Apple API.

Moreover, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, and Portugal, have followed suit by working on API-integrated apps. Some US states have shown keen interest in embracing the Exposure Notifications technology.

All around the world, many organizations are working to find solutions for the recent pandemic COVID-19. This includes governments, healthcare authorities, tech companies as well as many others.

Two of the biggest names in the tech field, Apple and Google have joined hands to provide a solution of their own in the wake of the recent coronavirus.

How does it work?

Both the organizations are collaborating to build a Bluetooth-based technology that will help the governments and relevant authorities in the fight against COVID-19.

Essentially, what it does is notify the user through their smartphone if they have come into contact with a COVID positive person.

A description of how the Exposure Notifications Technology by Google and Apple works
Courtesy: BBC

The technology provided by Apple and Google was released for the public health agencies on May 20th, 2020. Ever since then a lot of countries have jumped on the bandwagon of creating an app that integrates this technology.

This particular interest can be attributed to the “decentralized” approach of the companies. The purpose of following this approach is to keep the data secure from hacking or leaking.

The first country to make use of the Google-Apple API is Switzerland, naming their app Swiss-Covid. Likewise, Italy followed second with its own app named Immuni.

The main interest in Europe is contributed to the fact that almost 30% of devices there run on Apple’s iOS. And the rest are using Google’s Android.

According to Apple and Google, when they released their toolkit last month, 23 countries showed interest in their API. Let’s see which other countries come forward with their contact tracing app using Google-Apple API.

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