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Best 20 Free and Paid Video Overlays and LUTs for Creating Effects for Video Editing

Free LUTs and video overlay effects will give your footage a professional look, add artistic touches, as well as create the desired atmosphere.

A video overlay is a clip that is added to another clip as a layer to turn your RAW footage into a polished eye-catching video.

LUT (short for Lookup Table) is a coded equation that you add to your NLE to adjust the color palette of your video. The LUTs will help you enhance colors and make your videos attractive quickly.

20 Free Video Overlays and LUTs for Filmmakers

LUTs are presented in the .CUBE format while video overlays come in MP4. They are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, Final Cut Pro X, Corel VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, Vegas Pro and other video editing software.

1. Smoke Effect Video Overlays

This collection consists of 30 video overlay effects that perfectly complement the dark landscape and portrait videos shot on a cloudy day. These plugins will create a special mystical mood by adding a visual smoke effect.

2. Lens Flare Effect Video Overlays

Create an atmosphere of magic and fairy tales with this lens flare overlays bundle. They will instantly enhance the brightness, colours and hues of your video to make it more interesting to viewers.

3. Light Leaks Video Overlays

Do you need to quickly adjust the colours of your video and give it a vintage look? Get this video overlay collection to speed up your workflow. It consists of thirty light leaks, holographic and gradient video effects that will suit various video materials.

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4. Film Grain Video Overlays

Thanks to this bundle of professional video overlays, your footage will resemble Hollywood movies. Here you will find 30 grain effects that vary in size and type. They are great for videos shot in different lighting conditions.

5. Glitch Effect Video Overlays

Does your RAW footage seem too boring and unattractive? This collection of video plugins is a great solution to the problem. It includes cool retro VHS, broken glass and glitch effects that can enhance any clip. Choose the video overlay effect that suits your style and get impressive results.

6. Sparkle Effect Video Overlays

By using any video overlay from this collection, you can create a gentle and light feeling in your video clips. Download 75 incredible effects including glitters, stars, smooth shimmering and more to enhance your YouTube videos.

7. Film Video Overlays

This collection allows you to give your video a realistic grainy look. The pack includes simulations of several film types, such as 8mm, 16mm and 35mm. After you select a suitable film video overlay template, you can customize it according to your preferences.

8. Wedding LUTs

This is one of the best LUT packs created for wedding videos. These filters will make tones more tender, add specific atmosphere and enhance the background.

9. Premiere LUTs

This collection consists of stunning LUT files that can correct white balance, adjust colours, fix exposure problems and enhance the overall look of your video. After applying these effects, the colours will look deeper and more saturated. Download this professional bundle if you want to imitate the best Hollywood movies.

10. Entire LUTs Collection

You have a great opportunity to expand your toolbox with this high-quality LUT collection. Surprise your clients with unique colour effects that will make your videos more captivating. Although this pack does not contain free LUTs, you can save money by using the 41% discount.

11. Cinema Look LUTs Collection

This collection contains a huge selection of top-level LUTs. 80 awesome cinematic filters turn your regular video clips into eye-catching ones. They are quite universal and can be applied to various genres, including landscape, wedding, sports, interior and aerial videos. Just a few clicks and the image will take on a slightly grainy look with soft shadows. Now this package is offered with a 65% discount.

12. Cinematic LUTs

Does your video lack colour saturation? Then try this wonderful collection of 20 video filters. These LUT files affect the shadow temperature, contrast and add magenta shades to the image. The final result is very similar to the best colour movies.

13. Davinci Resolve LUTs

This bundle should be a necessary thing in your tool kit if you want to get a video with natural shadows, balanced contrast and well-saturated colours.

14. Film Effect LUTs

This is one of the best LUT packs to give your videos a warm, vintage touch in just a few clicks. These 20 film filters affect brightness, lighting, contrast and colour temperature. They can add both cold and warm tones to the picture to achieve impressive results. Experiment with these LUTs to turn regular videos into stunning artwork.

15. Canon LUTs

This collection contains 20 amazing LUTs that you can apply to different types of footage. They allow you to enhance the overall look of the video, making the colors brighter and more noticeable, adding vintage tones. Save and buy these LUTs with a 32% discount.

16. Sony LUTs

This collection of professionally created LUT files will make your clips more stylish and elegant. It consists of 20 effective filters that will correct the colour temperature, make the colours deeper and more saturated, adjust shadows without lowering the image quality.

17. Must-Have LUTs Collection

Do you need a high-quality bundle with a wide range of colour effects? Then this collection is what you are looking for. It consists of several popular LUT packs, including Mavic Pro, Premiere, Sony, GoPro, Canon, etc. By downloading this set, you get 160 colour variations for all occasions. Currently, you can buy this collection with a 65% discount.

18. Orange and Teal LUTs

This pack is great for landscape clips that require a bit of color correction. Each free LUT from this collection is well thought out and effective. It adjusts blue and orange shades, making them richer and more expressive. These amazing video filters also affect sharpness, contrast, white balance and undertones.

19. GoPro LUTs

Need free LUTs to sharpen your clips and get rid of the blur? Then you should consider this collection of filters designed to improve videos shot with GoPro devices. They will add a few matte shades, increase brightness and light, make your videos more attractive to your YouTube and Instagram followers.

20. Colour Grading LUTs

Do your videos seem “empty”, boring and gloomy? Then this bundle of LUTs is a great way to fix all problems. Just in a few seconds, they will correct exposure, add flattering shadows, improve skin tone and adjust the colours.






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