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5G is safe, confirms FCC

5G is safe, confirms FCC

Ajit Pai, Chairman Federal Communications Commission(FCC) released a new proposal regarding the safety of 5G technology on Thursday.

The proposal reveals that smartphones that utilize 5G are, in fact, safe for humans. The rules extend to smartphones, routers, mobile towers and other emitters of radio frequency signals.

Why was it a concern?

The rise of 5G caused people to worry about its adverse impact on health. The concern rooted regarding the millimeter wavelengths that are needed for 5G.

Therefore, people were cautious about the potential health risks that the radiation might cause. There even have been protests against 5G rollouts, and were even locally blocked. However, the current proposal explains that 5G is safe.

FCC confirms 5G is safe

Ajit Pai said that rules are not being changes, as they are already very cautiously designed and “among the most stringent in the world”.

However, he did talk about some changes regarding the uniformity of these rules amongst the various technology types.

Even though people suspected the potential hazards but they were never sure if 5G is safe or not. It was never fully confirmed as no concrete evidence existed.

When compared to 4G, 5G does utilize a higher frequency. However, it still remains within the safe wavelength limit. It lies in the radio spectrum that is unharmful.

5G is safe

FCC officials said that 5G is safe as it is no different than 3G and 4G. There is no evidence that claims otherwise.

The waves are non-ionizing, hence safe for humans. Even at the highest frequency, 5G is less energetic than visible light.

5G Smartphone
Credits: Pixabay

This proposal can open many new prospects for 5G technology, and the wonders that it can do. As it is now said that 5G is safe, then many major companies will not hesitate to make advancements in that field.

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